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Alright Ian Get some! Take Our User Survey. Next week they will both be where the power is. Hot naked pussy sex. Ona serious note, stay away from Big Brother Network. Has Ashley become the House Wh0re?

James was talking about the 4th of July holiday and honoring Americans that died for their freedom and Jozea responded he "didn't ask anyone to do that" and that he didn't think that the 4th of July should even be a holiday.

He notes the Head of Household shower is totally designed to catch people showing things. Frank eudy naked. He won All-Stars, that says a lot…Dr. I am going to make it a public affair… Shane says that he wants to see that! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Joe says that obviously the lines are drawn and I am just going to say it how it is…. We've got to fight hard. Nude ebony big tits. Ashley says that they could still tell. This is going to backfire for him at some point for sure and he will be kicking himself for it!!

She says that Boogie has won the money and has a child at home to get back too. Ashley joins Ian on the hammock. Obviously the people that vote are not the same people that comment because Shane has more votes than the other two choices combined and yet only few people admitted to voting for Shane.

Just says in this game. Agree with all of that. I hope his eviction rattles that group. She has no spine at all and thinks she will be able to float under the radar with this explanation but, just like last time, she will get played and evicted because she truly has no guts and is afraid of everyone or anyone talking about her. I come on hear and post keep disappearing then reappearing.

Boogie thinks taking out Wil is the best option. I want Frank out!! Oh me so happy, me love you long time Dan Ian: He always reminds me of the queen disguised as the old crone in Snow White, check it out- http: Forums Chatroom News Twitter Help.

Boogie would insist on it.

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Dan tells her that she should know she has his vote.

You're not only incredibly stupid, R27 and probably racist, toobut obviously very insecure. Erica campbell naked pics. However, I do think you are bat-shit crazy, which is far more unattractive than looking like a real woman instead of a pile of sticks.

Aslo read this page for years just started posting today so great job guys keep up the great work! Dan probably be clueless that Ian been screwed by Ashley because she will make sure that Boogie Stays! Z akiyah Everette tells Nicole again "not to worry" she "has her back". While he was strong competiton-wise, his game was lacking socially and strategically. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed.

Frank was too set on being a bad ass once he teamed up with Boogie and it did not work. Frank eudy naked. Joe heads out by the pool and then after a bit he heads inside with Britney.

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Joe is telling Dan and Shane all about his conversations with Frank and Boogie. She tells him he needs to stay calm and not show people how mad he is.

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And Frank is nasty in every sense of the word. Ashley is sick of Ian and annoyed he made fun of her during the charades game. Just saying, Just my opinion!!! Sorry meant to reply to the Ringggg posts lol. Imgur nude videos. I get pissed and then I chill out. Dan says that you never did anything against me and you did say that you said that I was dangerous but you told me you said that. Previous Big Brother It's a compliment because Frank actually IS good-looking.

As far as Frank aka Carrot Top is concerned, he is unemployed, ignorant, and will probably only be able to offer a woman a double wide trailor and a few blunts. That way even if Joe votes to evict Boogie, Ian could blame it on him or if they both vote to evict Jenn that would cause chaos in the house. Joe says that she is voting out Jenn. Once the nominations came down, you would think she never even HEARD of Shane, much less talked to or planned with him.

Boogie And Frank Current Nominations: Right, real men should be in love with Boogie. Frank strike back with winning his 3rd HoH! None of them are sprouting angel wings. Crazy ass milf. Look at I am trying to get a little action…who said he had no game?

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Over the next few hours there is a bit of game talk here and there as Frank tries to start thinking on whether or not to use the Power of Veto, and who he should target for eviction this week. Feet lesbian pics. Posted by Feed Watcher at 1: Yeah I was wondering if I should call a female that but I did it anyway. Sharon, oh wow what did Frank ever do to you? Frank says that they are already sweating, we need to win HOH and go at them.

Chill town was like 20 years ago and the only real genius of that group was DR. Frank Eudy fought the good fight on Big Brother 14 and boy did he fight it. She thinks Shane looks worried. Frank and Ian talk in the HoH room. Big tits double dildo Da'Vonne walked into the dark room and they told her they were just talking about that "vacation they took". In my real life, I actually got a new client late yesterday afternoon through a referral who needs a rather big project completed this weekend. Frank eudy naked. They should get people from The Real World.

Is it just me, or is there more sex talk in this house than every other season except season 9? Boogie himself is a very immature 40 something man.

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